A review of 2019

I have been reviewing 2019 from the perspective of my blog posts. It shows a ramshackle existence punctuated with unfulfilled plans.

In January I posted a couple of old re-enactment memories, celebrated the finding of some model trees in the attic (which have still not seen a wargame table) and started a short-lived painting log.

In February I began planning for a trip to Arnhem in September, which was later cancelled for health reasons. I made a little progress with the PBEM Market Garden campaign using the Memoir ‘44 game boards rather than 6mm models.

I struggled with the latest Microsoft release affecting some of my favourite software and printed some 3d models of sinking warships. I also underwent some health checks which said I was fit and healthy. Most importantly there was no sign of the prostate cancer since my operation.

March saw the annual Donald Featherstone tribute weekend, when we fought our way up the Sudan. I found a cheap source of 6mm middle eastern buildings and considered a solo Operation Sealion campaign (still on the cards in a different format).

In April I experimented with printing “outline” towns to fit on Heroscape hexagons and 40mm squares for another game system which I have not played yet. I enjoyed some gardening and anticipated my 65th birthday. I was very pleased with some “Sepia postcard” photographs of my 6mm game board from eye level.

In May I was seriously ill on my birthday. This was diagnosed as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). I was diagnosed two types of pills and an inhaler. The pills seemed to do the trick. I played a couple of solo naval wargames (WW2) and got annoyed about Brexit politics.

June saw another short-lived project as I frantically tried to keep up with the D-Day campaign using ASL game boards and my own tokens and rules. I failed.

Our syndicate had a horse running at Royal Ascot and I sent my report of my experience. Sadly the syndicate has since folded. I lamented the disappearance of the classic Microsoft Paint programme.

I attempted a wargame using GHQ’s old “Tank Charts” rules and spent an hour evaluating one sniper shot lasting 20 seconds in game time!

In July I resolved to take my dig for a long randomised country walk each day. About two weeks later the vet advised restricting his walks to around half an hour at a time, so that plan went out of the window. I sweltered in the Garden painting 1/300 and 1/3000 buildings. i posted a dog’s eye view of our latest re-enactment weekend.

August saw a break from my usual solo games when I played PSC’s “Battle of Britain” with my wife’s adult godson, then a naval game with a young neighbour, followed by a desert tank battle with the same lad. I made up some more railway tiles using Kallistra tiles and Leven track. I found a way to litter my model streets with rubble made of Milliput. I had another health scare with a couple of black-outs.

In September I started to replay World War Two day by day using an adaptation of Milton Bradley’s “Axis and Allies” game. This project has continued reasonably on track. We attended the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials courtesy of a good friend who towed our caravan there and back while our car was off the road.

In October we began rewiring and redecorating our home office, and we are still not fully back to normal. I concluded the Market Garden PBEM campaign, but still have to write up the campaign history for the players. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at Castle Combe, where we sent on honeymoon.

In November I attended “Dum-tee-Dum Live”, a meet-up for fans of “The Archers”, which is the world’s longest running serial drama. I struggled with magnetising and basing about 70 1/600 scale aircraft. At the end if the month I came to terms with my secret alcoholism and sought treatment.

December was a horrid month. After tests for my COPD my medication was changed and I have been struggling ever since. I cannot walk fast, nor slowly for more than 20 minutes at a time and I cough most of the morning and evening. I now take the dog for three short walks a day. My medication has been changed twice and I now have four sets of pills and three inhalers. I am afraid to drive alone in case I have a coughing fit and/or black out. I cannot get an appointment with my doctor until 7th January.

We had a water leak in the loft two days before christmas and again three days after. Plumbers came out on Christmas Eve and on Sunday to fix the issues. The ceilings will need repainting at least. But we had a fun Christmas day playing board games with friends.

And so I wish you and me all the best for 2020. Maybe tomorrow I will post some of my plans for next year.


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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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