A little experiment

Way back in 2001 I started a six nation solo wargame campaign set in Europe 1701. It progressed slowly until September 1702 and since has been languishing for over a year waiting for me to paint enough figures for the next engagement.

For Christmas I received the card wargame Milito by PSC Games. I have played one game solo to see how the rules work and it is a clever piece of work. I learned the need to keep a reserve.

Last night an idea struck me. What if I could use the same mechanism to play encounters in my C18th campaign?

This morning I set to, analysing the comparative attributes of the ancient soldiery cards and transforming them for the later period. I have made up some appropriate cards and when the battle next surfaces in my in-tray I will give it a go.

The basic game has only four types of terrain: predominantly plains with one card each of woods, hill and rough. Five cards are dealt and arranged so that the plains are always in the centre. For the 18th Century I have added enclosed, village and stream/marsh.

My potential troop types are Guards, Combined Grenadiers, Line Infantry, French “Old” Regiments, Pike & Musket (Swedes and Russians), irregular Light Infantry, Cuirassiers, Horse, Dragoons (mounted and dismounted), and artillery (light, medium, heavy and siege).

First battle report to follow soon.

Published by

General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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