Eighty years on. 19th December 1939


The German liner Columbus, which sailed from Vera Cruz, Mexico on 14th December was scuttled after being shadowed by the US cruiser Tuscaloosa. 577 passengers and crew were taken to Ellis Island, New York.

The Germans launched an auxiliary cruiser (or HilfsKreuzer), named Atlantis.  She was converted from the Goldenfeis, owned by DGG Hansa. See the header photograph.

British Admiralty scientists invented a method of combatting German magnetic mines.  The “de-Gaussing Apparatus” created a magnetic field to counteract the ships own field.

Game day 110. Germany

The two battleships in the North Atlantic steamed to the north-west, to a point midway between Ireland and Newfoundland.  Those in the South Atlantic sailed to the Spanish-owned port of Rio de Oro in western Africa.

The submarines off the Danish coast sailed to the north-east around the north of Scotland.

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