Eighty years on. 17th December 1939


The Graf Spee was required by international law to leave Montevideo harbour.  Having received false information that a large force of British warships was waiting off the coast, Captain Hans Langsdorff ordered the ship to be scuttled in the estuary (see header photo).  Captain Langsdorff was interned in Uruguay.

The British Admiralty announced that 61 men from HMS Exeter were killed during the battle with the Graf Spee on 13th December.

On the western front there was a noticeable increase in the number of German reconnaissance flights.

The Finnish Army claimed that two Russian divisions had been destroyed with 36,000 prisoners taken.

Game day 106. USSR

The attack on Finland continued.  The Finnish infantry corps north of Helsinki was attacked by an infantry corps from the north, a depleted armoured corps from the east and three squadrons of fighter aircraft.  The Finns lost two battalions and the remainder fell back into Helsinki.  The Russians lost one Infantry Battalion.

A fresh Russian infantry corps continued westwards across Karelia.

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