Eighty years on. 14th December 1939

The German battleship Graf Spee retreated, damaged, into Montevideo Harbour, Uruguay (see yesterday’s report).  The German liner Columbus sailed from Vera Cruz, Mexico, in an attempt to get back to Germany.    In Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered plans to be drawn up for the invasion of Norway, named Unternehmen Weseruebung.

The USSR was expelled from the League of Nations in response to the Soviet invasion of Finland on November 30th.  The League also called upon its members to give aid to the Finns.  France promised military aid and Great Britain promised thirty fighter aircraft.

Chinese Nationalist forces occupied the town of Ningxian after a battle with the Communists.  The two sides in the Chinese Civil war had technically suspended hostilities to combine against the Japanese invaders, but incidents continued to occur.

Game day 105. Japan

The last remaining battalion of the Armoured Corps occupied Peking.  A fresh Infantry Corps moved westwards from the Munchurian coast in support.  The retreating Chinese battalion was attacked from the air and was eliminated, but the Japanese lost a squadron in the attack. 

The newly-raised infantry corps marched from Tokyo towards Kyoto and the transports sailed back to Kyoto to embark them.

Missing: the icon depicting Peking itself.

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