Eighty years on. 13th December 1939


The British submarine HMS Salmon attacked and damaged two German cruisers, the Leipzig and Nuernberg off Cuxhaven.  Another naval engagement took place in the South Atlantic: the Battle of the River Plate.

The German heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spee (header photo’) had sailed into the South Atlantic a fortnight before the war began, and had been commerce raiding.  One of the hunting groups sent by the British Admiralty to search for the Graf Spee, comprising three Royal Navy cruisers, HMS Exeter, Ajax and Achilles engaged her off the River Plate estuary close to the coast of Uruguay.  Exeter was severely damaged and forced to retire; Ajax and Achilles suffered moderate damage. The slight damage to Admiral Graf Spee was critical, with her fuel system crippled. 

In London the House of Commons sat for over seven hours in private debate discussing “the Organisation of Supplies for the Prosecution of the War”.

Game day 104.  Great Britain

The convoy carrying Industrial Raw Materials from the USA sailed north-east into the Bay of Biscay, escorted by four battleships.  The empty convoy sailing south neared the Straits of Gibraltar.

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