Not up to scratch

For the past few days, after receiving my NHS “Old People” ‘Flu’ jab, I have been feeling absolutely awful. My chest feels like it’s constrained by iron bands, I am constantly coughing.

I am already taking two pills and a variety of inhalers once or twice a day.

But today, despite the temperature outside being below zero, I have opened every window in the house. It is extremely cold, but I am not coughing. I feel fine.

Maybe I should erect my bell tent in the garden and live there for a few days? Or take a rest break for several months in the Alps?

Eighty years on. 2nd December 1939


In Britain, conscription was extended to cover all men aged between 19 and 41.

The German liner Watussi (photograph above) was damaged and scuttled off the South African coast.  The Watussi left the Portuguese East African port of Mozambique, where she had sheltered since the outbreak of war, on the night of November 22nd. She had on board 43 passengers and 155 crew, and no one knew to where she was sailing. She was intercepted by a South African Air Force reconnaissance bomber 100 miles south of Cape Point on the morning of December 2nd, while heading westward into the South Atlantic, apparently to join the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee. A couple of bombs dropped ahead of her persuaded her to alter course for Simonstown. A few hours later she was seen to be on fire and listing. She stopped and her people left her hurriedly in the boats. The battle-cruiser Renown and the aircraft carrier Ark Royal which were searching for the Admiral Graf Spee arrived shortly after, and the Renown sank the blazing hulk by gunfire as darkness was falling, as she threatened to become a danger to navigation.

Game day 93. France

Work commenced in Metropolitan France on merchant shipping to be ready early in 1940.  This would enable resources to be imported from the French colonies.