Eighty years on. 23rd November 1939


Polish Jews over the age of ten in the German Government Area were ordered to wear Star of David armbands for identification.

In Germany, food rationing for pets was introduced.

In a battle in the North Atlantic the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau sank HMS Rawalpindi, an armed merchant cruiser.  She managed to score one hit on Scharnhorst, which caused minor splinter damage. 238 men died on Rawalpindi, including Captain Kennedy.

A model of HMS Rawalpindi

Game day 85. Germany

In the North Atlantic, the 1st Battleship Flotilla moved towards the coast of Canada, then south-east along the coast, searching for British merchant ships.  The remaining U-Boat sailed east.  The 2nd Battleship Flotilla moved north-west along the coast of West Africa.

Background image © Milton Bradley Games
Background image © Milton Bradley Games

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