Eighty years on. 16th November 1939

16th November 1939


The Rumanian King Carol’s offer of mediation was rejected by both sides.

The first British civilian casualty of the war was James Isbister, killed in an air raid on Orkney in Scotland.  Also in Britain, it was revealed that the cost of living had risen by 2.5% in October.  6000 suspected spies had been arrested in the past two months, and the Postal Censorship Department now totalled 1700 personnel.

Finland mobilised its armed forces after the breakdown of negotiations with the USSR.  The Soviets wanted possession of Finnish territory to safeguard Leningrad and Murmansk against a possible German attack.  Finland was not prepared to surrender its territory.

Game day 77. China

3rd, 4th and 5th Infantry Corps continued eastwards to confront the Japanese.

From Peking the combined infantry defenders attacked the Japanese 3rd Corps.  The Japanese lost two battalions to the Chinese one.  The Japanese fell back to the south, where they were attacked by 3rd Chinese Infantry Corps.  The Chinese wiped out a further two Japanese Battalions, but lost three.  The Chinese retreated.

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