Eighty years on. 8th November 1939


The BBC began broadcasting a dramatized documentary series “Shadow of the Swastika”.

After reported German troop movements near the Dutch frontier, the Dutch government ordered the defensive flooding zone to be increased.

In Munich, shortly after Hitler cut short a speech in order to catch the train to Berlin, a bomb exploded in the hall killing eight people.  On the same day the RAF bombed Munich.

Winston Churchill claimed that Britain was winning the war against the U-Boats and poured scorn on the German navy’s claims to have sunk the aircraft carrier “Ark Royal” several times.

Game day 69. Germany

In the North Atlantic, the 1st Submarine Flotilla headed south-west towards the north of Canada, while the 1st Battleship Flotilla, having wiped out the British aircraft carrier flotilla (see historical section above), headed north east.

In the South Atlantic the 2nd Battleship Flotilla steamed south.

In Germany a new armoured corps and a new infantry corps were deployed.

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