Eighty years on. 4th November 1939


The U.S. Neutrality Act was passed: the French and British could buy arms, but on a strictly cash basis. American isolationists were outraged.

A German physicist working at Siemens AG left an anonymous letter from “someone who wishes you well” at the British Consulate in Oslo with a report on German weapons technologies.

The Norwegian government interned the German crew of the captured U.S. ship “City of Flint” when she docked at Haugesund.

In Warsaw the Jews were moved into an area of the city designated as a Ghetto.

Rear Admiral Hugh Sinclair, head of British intelligence bureau MI6 died, succeeded by Colonel Stewart Menzies.

Game day 65. France

In Indo-China a new infantry corps was deployed around Hanoi.  There was no further action on the French side.

Background image © Milton Bradley Games

Game note:  At this point, for game purposes the territories of Burma and French Indo-China were separated.  The resources were split 50/50, which meant that the British were also able to deploy an infantry corps in Burma.