Eighty years on. 1st November 1939


Germany annexed western Poland, Danzig and the Polish Corridor into the Reich.

The USSR included eastern Poland into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The Netherlands, a neutral country, proclaimed a state of siege.

Switzerland, another neutral, made plans to prevent invasion from Germany.

(It is clear that neutral countries around the German Reich are beginning to get nervous.)

Game day 62: Britain

Newly recruited units were deployed:  1 new cargo convoy at Liverpool.

The convoy with the Canadian infantry aboard approached the south-west coast of England.

1st Battleship Flotilla sailed south-west into the Central Atlantic. The remains of 2nd Battleship Flotilla continued to make for the safety of Gibraltar.

Plans were made for development and recruitment.  In Britain more battleships were commissioned to replace the recent losses.  Industrial centres were started in Australia, eastern Canada and India.  Infantry corps were recruited in Egypt, Rhodesia, New Zealand, South Africa, Persia, Syria and the West Indies.

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