Eighty years on. 31st October 1939


In Italy Mussolini had a cabinet reshuffle, replacing pro-Nazis with more neutral members.

The Royal Navy started a world-wide hunt for the battleships Admiral Graf Spee and Deutschland

Game day 61. Germany

The hunt for the Graf Spee and Deutschland (referred to above) having been already resolved in the Kriegsmarine’s favour, and the British having retreated northwards, the flotilla in the South Atlantic sailed to the south-east in search of more prey.

In the North Atlantic, the 1st Battleship Flotilla sailed north, and located the British carrier flotilla to their north-north-west.  They steamed north and engaged.  All three British carriers were sunk, with the additional loss of 2nd Fighter Group.  The Germans lost one battleship.

The submarines in the North Atlantic moved off to the north-west. It appeared that Germany was winning the naval war.

In Germany 2nd Armoured Corps moved north-west to take position north of 4th Infantry Corps.  1st Armoured Corps moved west from their position north of Berlin.

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