Eighty years on. 28th October 1939


A Heinkel He111 was shot down over Scotland; the first German aircraft of the war to crash on British soil.  The British Expeditionary Force in France now amounted to nearly 200,000 men with supplies for 6 weeks.

Heinrich Himmler urged German women to dispense with the tradition of marriage and to produce racially pure children.

Joseph Tiso became the first President of Slovakia.

In Prague fighting broke out between German forces and Czech students parading to remember the 20th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

Game day 58. China

 1st Mongolian Infantry Corps joined the defenders of Peking.  In China 3rd Infantry Corps continued eastwards towards Kwangtung.

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Note There will be no post for 29th October. I will be busy with my 25th Wedding Anniversary and coincidentally there is nothing to report. I have been unable to find any war-related news for 29th October 1939 and in the game France was inactive on that day.