Eighty years on. 26th October 1939


Krakow, Poland.  Hans Frank took up his post as Governor-General of Poland.  All Jewish men between the ages of 14 and 60 were required to work on Government Labour Projects, including building concentration camps for themselves.  Polish citizens were ordered to leave the pavements free for Germans.

In Britain, the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps was created from certain volunteer reserve units.

Game day 56. Britain.

1st Carrier Flotilla launched 2nd Fighter Group in an attack on the enemy submarines in the North Atlantic.  3 submarines were sunk for no loss.  The remaining Submarine withdrew northwards.  1st Battleship Flotilla moved south-east into the Bay of Biscay.  The convoy carrying the Canadians headed for the UK.

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In the South Atlantic the remains of 2nd Battleship Flotilla, headed for Gibraltar.

Gaming note. I have created a new sea area “North Sea/English Channel” by subdividing the North-East Atlantic, as seen in the picture above.