Eighty years on. 25th October 1939


Leon Trotsky stated “Stalin is afraid of Hitler, and right to be so.”

In Britain the Handley Page Halifax bomber took to the skies for the first time.

Game day 55. Germany

2nd Fighter Group attacked the Royal Navy submarines in the North Sea.  2 submarines were sunk for the loss of 4 squadrons.

2nd Armoured Corps moved south-west.  4th Infantry Corps counter-attacked against the French 2nd Infantry Corps, inflicting 2 damage points for the loss of 3 points.

In the North Atlantic 1st Submarine Flotilla attacked the Royal Navy Carrier Flotilla.  Two carriers were sunk, and the submarines submerged.  1st Battleship Flotilla searched to the north-west.

In the South Atlantic the 2nd Battleship Flotilla located and attacked the 2nd British Battleship Flotilla.  The British lost 5 ships to the German 4.

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