Eighty years on. 18th October 1939


British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain stated that eight German aircraft had been shot down, and First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill claimed that one third of German submarines had been sunk.

The Kings of the Scandinavian countries met the President of Finland in Stockholm to discuss Russia and its aggressive stance.

Game day 48. USSR

2nd Karelian Infantry Corps moved north to skirt Lake Onega, near the Finnish border.  In Poland, 1st Ukrainian Infantry Corps moved to the north-west.  In Ukraine, 3rd Infantry Corps continued westwards towards Poland.  In the Caucasus, 1st Armoured Corps moved north-west to the Karelian border and 2nd Armoured Corps and 4th Infantry Corps continued westwards.  5th Infantry Corps moved south towards Stalingrad.

East of Russia, all infantry corps moved to the south-west within their own territories.

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