Beware – Satire

Oh my followers, beware the great Trump. For he has declared upon the Twitter that he has “great and unmatched wisdom”, and that he will “destroy and obliterate the economy of Turkey” and that he has done so before.

How will our American brethren celebrate their Thanksgiving feast after the Turkey economy is destroyed?

It is time for us all to rise up with the cry “Gobble-gobble-gobble” and defeat the infidel.

Eighty years on. 7th October 1939


Himmler’s birthday.  He was appointed “Commissioner for Consolidation of the German Race”.  Hitler ordered Poles to be evicted from Western Poland or to be eliminated.

The USA recognized the Polish Government-in-Exile, set up in France.  Many of the members of the original government were interned in Rumania.

Game day 37. France

Two further Infantry Corps were deployed in metropolitan France.  Work was commenced on raising a new fighter group, ready in December.  In French Indo-China, recruiting began for more infantry against the Japanese threat.

The Netherlands (Indicated on the map as part of “Western Europe”), began to recruit infantry forces in the Dutch East Indies for the defence of the area.

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro

Game note

The Netherlands are not represented separately on the map, but come under “Western Europe”.  This was an oversight when converting the original game to my purposes.  However, their provinces are indicated separately.  Therefore I am including any actions by the Dutch (and indeed the Belgians, who own the Belgian Congo) within the French game turn.  The original game map was designed for the situation in December 1941.