Eighty years on. 5th October 1939

(the ongoing story of a sol wargaming campaign)

5th October 1939


Adolf Hitler toured Warsaw. 

The USSR and Latvia signed a mutual assistance pact.  Russia gained naval and air bases on the Baltic coast.

Game day 35. Japan

A flotilla of transport ships was launched at Osaka.  The new industrial points were used to commence building aircraft carriers.

3rd Infantry Corps disembarked at Shanghai, Kwangtung.  2nd Infantry Corps moved south towards Peking.  1st Fighter Group attacked 2nd Chinese Infantry Corps.  3 Flights were lost with no effect on the Chinese.  The remaining flight returned to Manchukwo (Manchuria).

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro

Game note.

From this point onwards, the font size on the game map will indicate the relative strength of the unit, the capacity of each industrial complex and the relative importance of each city.

The basis is for units:  Strength 6: 14 point, strength 5: 12 point, strength 4: 11 point, strength 3: 10 point, strength 2: 9 point, strength 1: 8 point.

For industrial complexes the above holds true but the maximum is 12 IPCs, 26 point font.  Any industrial complex with more than 8 IPCs will cover an area of 9 squares.

Capital cities will be shown appropriate to their entire country’s production level, including colonies and captured territories, to the nearest typeface points, rounding down (8 being the smallest available and 20 the largest useable).  Smaller cities of the same nation will be half the nominal typeface of the capital.

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