Eighty years on. 4th October 1939

(continuing the solo wargaming campaign)

4th October 1939


Russia announced that Eastern Poland was now a communist state.

Game day 34: Britain

An anti-aircraft corps was commissioned south of London and 3rd Infantry Corps was deployed to the west of the capital.

The first convoy from Britain reached Halifax, Nova Scotia, ready to transport 1st Canadian Infantry Corps that was moving towards the port.  1st Battleship Flotilla waited off the coast as protection.  2nd Battleship Flotilla moved southwards from the Central Atlantic to the North Brazilian Coast, hunting the German fleet.

An attack was launched by 3rd Fighter Group and 1st Submarine Flotilla against the German submarines operating in the channel.  All the German submarines were sunk for the loss of two fighter flights and one British submarine.  1st Carrier Flotilla sailed from Scapa Flow in search of the German fleet.  They headed north-west and failed to locate the enemy.

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