Eighty years on. 3rd October 1939

(being my report an a solo wargaming campaign)

3rd October 1939


The German Tenth Army pulled out of Poland and headed to the west.  British First Corps of the BEF moved up to the Belgian border.  British Prime Minister Chamberlain rejected German peace proposals.

Game day 33. Germany prepares for the next stage.

2nd Infantry Corps moved north towards the industrial area of Poland.  2nd Armoured Corps moved west from Warsaw into Germany.  1st Infantry Corps took over the occupation of Warsaw.  A new armoured corps was deployed. 

The 1st Battleship Flotilla and the 1st Submarine Flotilla sailed into the North Atlantic.  2nd Submarine Flotilla moved westwards along the English Channel to attack the transport ships between Folkestone and le Havre.  2 transport ships were sunk, but had no troops or other cargo on board.  The submarines then withdrew, submerged.

In the South Atlantic the 2nd Battleship Flotilla moved north searching for targets.

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