Eighty years on. 2nd October 1939

(being the report of a solo wargaming campaign)

2nd October 1939


The French government agreed to host a Czech army in exile. 

RAF 10 Squadron made a night leaflet raid on Berlin.  One of the four Whitley bombers did not return home.

A 300-mile neutral zone was set up around the pan- American coastline.

Game day 32: Russia

An Infantry Corps (10th) and an Armoured Corps (3rd) were deployed in the Moscow area.  In Poland the 1st Ukrainian Infantry Corps moved north towards the industrial area.  In Karelia the 2nd Infantry Corps moved west towards Leningrad.  3rd Infantry Corps moved west into Ukraine.

With the 8 Industrial points available in Russia an infantry corps and an armoured corps were ordered for November.

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