Eighty years on: 25th September 1939

(being a report of a solo wargame campaign)

25th September 1939


In Germany, Hitler ordered increased attacks on allied shipping and a swift end to the war in Poland.  Bread and flour rationing began.

Game day 25: Japan strikes south.

While 1st and 2nd Infantry Corps, supported by fighter aircraft, attacked the 1st Chinese Infantry Corps in Manchuria, 3rd Infantry Corps left Osaka, escorted by a Battleship flotilla.

Battle in Manchuria:  8 Infantry attacks at 1 and 6 Fighter attacks at 3 resulted in 6 hits.  The Chinese defended with 5 defends at 3, scoring 4 hits.  Both the 1st Chinese Infantry Corps and the 1st Japanese Infantry Corps were eliminated, and the 1st Japanese Fighter Group lost one third of its aircraft in the attack.  Japan was again in undisputed possession of “Manchukwo”.

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