Eighty years on. 24th September 1939

(being the report of a solo wargame campaign)

24th September 1939


French artillery bombarded German positions.  The French Air Force bombed the Zeppelin works at Friedrichshafen.  The U-boat campaign in the North Atlantic began with the sinking of two ships.  Polish government officials were interned in Rumania.

Game day 24: Britain strikes back

The first convoy reached the coast of Newfoundland.  1st Canadian Infantry Corps moved towards Halifax to embark for Britain. 1st British armoured Corps disembarked in France.

2nd RAF Fighter Group was transferred to Scotland to join the Carrier Flotilla.

The 3rd Battleship Flotilla sailed from Scapa Flow into the North Atlantic to confront the German Fleet and 3rd Fighter Group attacked the German Submarines off the East Coast.

Battleships:  Royal Navy: 5 attacks at 4; 3 hits.  Kriegsmarine: 6 defends at 4; 5 hits.  3rd RN Battleship Flotilla was wiped out for the loss of half the German ships. 

Air attack: 6 attacks at 3; 1 hit.  Submarines: 6 defends at 2; no hits.  One submarine was sunk.

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro

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General Whiskers

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