Eighty years on. 19th-23rd September 1939

(being the report of a solo wargame campaign)

Apologies for the enforced delay to my reports. I prepared everything I needed to post daily from a field in Oxfordshire while away from home, but found that WordPress is unmanageable on an I-Phone. Text overlaps, categories and tags are almost impossible to access. Therefore here is the “catch-up” post for the previous five days. Fortunately in the game not much happened until 23rd September.

19th September 1939


The Russian and German armies met at Brest-Litovsk.  Poland was now officially divided between the two major powers and once again ceased to exist as an independent country.

Game day 19: Norway.

No activity.

20th September 1939


The first battle between the RAF and the Luftwaffe.  Two Fairey Battles and one ME109 were shot down.

French Prime Minister Deladier resigned. 

Game day 20: Finland

No activity.

21st September 1939


Reynaud succeeded Deladier as Prime Minister of France.  Romanian Prime Minister Calinescu was assassinated by the fascist Iron Guard.

Game day 21: USA

No activity.

22nd September 1939


Russians captured Lwow and Bialystok. 

Game day 22: USSR

1st Ukranian  Infantry Corps moved into Poland.  1st Fighter Group was moved into Ukraine in support.

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro

23rd September 1939


German Jews were forced to surrender their wireless sets.

Game day 23: German navy breaks out.  Warsaw captured.

The 1st Battleship Flotilla moved into the North Atlantic.  1st Submarine Flotilla attacked the British naval base at Scapa Flow.  6 Sneak attacks at 2; 2 hits.  No defence is possible against a sneak attack.  The Submarines then withdrew.

2nd Submarine Flotilla moved south towards the English Channel.  The 2nd Battleship Flotilla moved to the middle of the South Atlantic.

2nd Armoured Corps captured Warsaw.  3rd Polish Infantry Corps was caught between 2nd German Armoured Corps and 3rd German Infantry Corps, supported by 1st Fighter Group, and 1st Bomber Group.  Bombing attack.  6 attacks at 4; 4 hits.  Fighter attack. 6 attacks at 3; 2 hits. 2nd Armoured Corps. 6 attacks at 3; 5 hits.  3rd Infantry Corps. 2 attacks at 1; 1 hit.  Total 12 hits.  Polish infantry defence. 3 defends at 2; no hits.  Polish 3rd Corps was eliminated.

1st Armoured Corps and 2nd Infantry Corps, supported by 2nd Fighter Group, attacked 2nd Polish Infantry Corps.  Fighter attack. 6 attacks at 3; 3 hits.  1st Armoured Corps. 4 attacks at 3; 2 hits.  2nd Infantry Corps. 4 attacks at 1; 1 hit.  Total 6 hits.  Polish defence. 3 defends at 2; 2 hits.  The Polish army was eliminated and the capital captured.

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro

Normal service is resumed as of today.

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