Eighty years on: 14th September 1939

(Being the report of a solowargame campaign)

14th September 1939


Pravda (The Russian newspaper: translation = “Truth”) launched a propaganda campaign against Poland.  The Germans took Gdynya, west of Danzig.

U39 attacked the HMS Ark Royal in the Atlantic. The U-boat was sunk by accompanying destroyers.

Hungary significantly did not declare neutrality.

Game day 14: Britain supports France.

The 1st Infantry Corps of the British Expeditionary Force disembarked in France.  The 1st Armoured Corps embarked for France.  1st RAF Fighter Group flew to north-east France.

The Convoy in the North Atlantic continued towards Canada, where 1st Canadian Infantry Corps moved towards the coast for embarkation.  1st Battleship Flotilla sailed From Portsmouth into the North Atlantic while 2nd Flotilla from Gibraltar headed for the South Atlantic.

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro

Some tweaking of the rules.

After review, bearing in mind that each country’s turn represents about 7-10 days, I have reviewed the movement rates.  Henceforth, the following movement rates are in effect:

Infantry 2 squares per turn, Armour 3 squares per turn, Naval units 10 squares per turn, Fighters 12 squares per turn, Bombers 24 squares per turn. Air units must end their movement on friendly territory.  They may move further but at a penalty of losing 1D6 points for each additional square moved.

My logic for the new movement rates is to allow land units more maneuverability, to allow bombing raids between the Britain and Germany to their opposing capital cities, and for a convoy across the North Atlantic to take two to three weeks, which was apparently the normal time period.

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