Eighty years on – an aside

For information, I am taking much of the historical data from “Newnes Modern Pictorial Atlas”. It has no publication date, but I guess it is 1938/1939 because of this map:

The atlas also includes a section:

and we may think that Germany was the centre of anti-Semitism in the 1930s, but this is from a mainstream British publisher:

Times change, attitudes change, we change. I am not posting this with any religious, political or nationalist agenda, but merely to illustrate how things were perceived in the past.

Eighty years on – 10th September 1939

(being the reports from a solo wargame campaign)

10th September 1939

Historical: Canada declared war on Germany. The first BEF forces landed in France. The Polish attacked the Germans near Poznan.

USA reacts

The USA declared neutrality, but at the same time began to review its armed forces.  There was a preponderance of naval and air forces in the Pacific, but the U.S. army, particularly the armoured forces, was woefully ill equipped.

IPC resources were: 12 in Eastern USA.  10 were spent on two Armoured Corps for 1st October. Other IPC (Western USA 10, Philippines 3, Alaska 2, Hawaii 1)  were stockpiled to develop industrial capacity.

The most interesting map is that of the Pacific deployment:

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro.

The map shows from top left to bottom right: 1 submarine flotilla, 1 fighter group, 1 battleship flotilla, 1 carrier flotilla, 1 infantry corps.