WW2 games this week

This week I am committed to two games, and have a third to play if I can get the models prepared.

Game 1. Tuesday. My wife’s godson Benjamin will help me play the PSC/Richard Borg game: Battle of Britain. I have had the Kickstarter version of the game for over a year but only unpacked it today. It needs a table the size of Africa for the set-up, which may be an issue (especially if you have the Kickstarter game map and if the Memsahib has confiscated the best table for making a dress).

Ho, hum and back to reality. The game map is set up on the second best table. Spare tables for all the record sheets and cards have been extracted from the caravan and we are ready to go,

As for game 2 on Wednesday. This will be the first action of the Battle of Matapan (1941). This is the result of a request from a young neighbour who I encountered playing with large WW2 tanks and aircraft. He has seen my toys and asked to play a naval game. We will play the opening stage of the Battle of Matapan, 1941, and see how if goes.

Young Luke tells me that he wants to join the Royal Navy when he is old enough, so we shall see how well he will fare if he ever reaches the level of Admiral…

And when these are over I have to reset the table for a Market Garden PBEM game north of Oosterbeek in September 1944.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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