Walks with my dog (7)

9th July 2019

Today the dice rolled would take us to the centre of Tadley. Since we would be walking the streets rather than countryside I adopted my second form of randomisation. Using a pack of cards red means turn left, black means turn right, a number card is the first turning and a picture card the second turning. The walk ends when the first Joker is drawn.

However I had to go into Newbury to pay a cheque into the bank (Hooray for PPI!), so decided to start the walk there instead. We headed north along Northbrook Street and right through the Parkway Shopping area towards Victoria Park.

The cards took us into the park and around the numerous footpaths, so Sparky was able to run free for a bit.

Amongst the new activities for kids in the park is this water splash.

Not only are there random waterspouts but the three buckets upend when full, to everyone’s surprise. I had to wait until the small children had left before taking the photo’, so as not to get myself into trouble by making it public.

A little further on we found Victoria herself, guarded by lions and looking amusing, if not actually amused. I believe the Sorting Hat put her in Hanover House.

And so back to the car and home for tea.

There will be no walk tomorrow as the lad has to have one of his back teeth extracted under anaesthetic. Poor doggie.