Positives and negatives

It would seem that the veteran model railway company Hornby, that has since taken over rival companies such as Triang, Airfix and Scalextric, may have decided to support the modelling community in preference to the toy sector.

In a recent BBC interview the new chairman said to the effect of : “We have to look at our target market. For example: ‘How does the Harry Potter train set fit into my layout of Torquay in the 1960s'”

He also referred to keeping the Scalextric* motor racing models relevant. But also that the Airfix range will include everything from a simple clip-together kit to a super-detailed model that will take up to 3 months to assemble.

*It is unfortunate that he replaced the ‘x’ in Scalextric with a ‘c’. A common mistake, but not ecpected (sic) from the chairman of the company.

But that in turn reminded me of a business meeting in the 1980’s at Zanussi; about to launch their ‘Nexus’ range of washing machines.
(Paraphrased from memory)
Marketing Director: “Our market research company tells us that anything with an x in the middle has positive connotations.”
Managing Director: “Like ‘toxic’ or ‘noxious’ for example?”
Methinks that somebody had been briefed before the meeting.

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