Microsoft “improvements”

Well folks, I appear to have been well and truly screwed by Microsoft.
During the latest “security update” to my PC the classic “Paint” program has vanished and is no longer available for re-installation.

I use this program to create gaming tokens, designing them on a pixel level. But alas! this is no longer possible. I have tried “Paint 3D”, but I cannot manipulate existing .bmp files, nor copy and paste between them, nor comprehend how to design new icons.

MS online Help and Chat were worse than useless.

So it’s back to the drawing board – literally!

Microsoft !!!

One of the tools that I use – or used to use – to develop my gaming tokens was Microsoft Paint.  A simple, pixel based, method of creating drawings.

But alas!  This has been removed from my computer without a “by your leave” by the domineering Microsoft Corporation.  Apparently now I have to use Microsoft Paint 3D, which I do not need, gives me fewer options and a more complex menu for what I actually wish to achieve, and is an imposition on my gaming.

By all means stop supporting “obsolete” software Microsoft, but don’t just take it away without warning from folks who were perfectly happy using it.

From a thoroughly disgruntled* customer.

*”Disgruntled” does not even start to explain my feelings.  I feel annoyed, disenfranchised, rejected, unwanted, disrespected, and several other unprintable feelings.