Looking back

Today I have been reading my previous blog posts dating back to when I started blogging in 2012.

I found it somewhat worrying that the four major projects that I defined for my wargaming seven years ago have hardly progressed at all, despite the fact that I seem to have done an awful lot of game preparation in the meantime.

I have played a few games in the last seven years, but all the same…

D-Day. Suggested reading and viewing.

Today, as we head towards the start of the 75th anniversary of the start of the battle for Normandy, I have two book recommendations and one film recommendation for you.  These are particularly aimed at the more serious wargamer as background reading or viewing.


“Death of a Regiment”, by John Foley.

“Warriors for the Working Day”, by Peter Elstob.


“Overlord” (IWM). This film, unlike many others with similar titles and themes,  actually concludes on D-Day.  It starts much earlier.  No further spoilers.

D-Day and beyond, part 2

Continuing the story of an infantry company 75 years ago.

4th June 1944

A disheartening day. We are all keyed up for the invasion and had been trucked down to the docks, only to be told that the operation was postponed due to bad weather in the channel. Judging from the weather in Portsmouth I’m not at all surprised!

Back to our camp we went for a cold meal, the cooks not expecting us to return today.

Let’s hope it’s on for tomorrow, because now we know where we are going it will be very difficult fo keep a lid on. It’s going to be hard enough without Jerry expecting us.