The Pedant’s Revolt

I accept that language evolves over time, but one thing that really annoys me is the following exchange:

“Hello, how are you?”

“I’m good.”

I want to scream: “I asked after your well-being, not for a bloody character reference!”

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

2 thoughts on “The Pedant’s Revolt”

  1. The other day I heard a teenager tell her friend that she “almost LOL’d in my head!” Laughing out loud… in your head? And the use of “LOL” as a word made me rather upset. Sometimes I despair. Then my faith is restored as my 4 year old daughter walks in as I am painting and says, “A green person? That’s preposterous!”

  2. How about:

    Me: “Thank you.”
    Moronic sales clerk/waiter/etc.: “No problem.”

    Well, I would hope there is “no problem”, as you’re being paid to do a job. I didn’t have to thank you I guess, it’s just an automatic courtesy I extend to people I do business with. So how about, “You’re welcome”, or even better, “My pleasure”?


    Chris Johnson

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