A quick naval engagement

Today I played a test naval game based on one of the early engagements of the second world war.

The situation was that a slow cargo ship, accompanied by a British E class destroyer, was encountered by a German submarine.  This would be a test of my submarine adaptation to my already adapted version of the Axis and Allies naval rules.


A cargo ship, escorted by a destroyer, is aiming to move west-east across the table.

One German submarine is on a direct interception course from the east.

Rules.: Adapted for 6cm. hexagon Axis & Allies (c) naval rules.

The submarine, when submerged, is represented by 1 average die of transparent tokens, one of which is real.

Turn 1.

U22 submerged with 3 transparent models to represent the real submarine.

Cargo ship moved east 2 hexes, escort moved east 3 hexes.

Turn 2.

German sub tokens advanced 1  hex submerged, then turned outwards from the centre.

Cargo ship moved 2 hexes, escort 3 hexes.

Turn 3.

Submarines all moved 1 then turned east.

Allied units moved west 2 hexes.

Turn 4. 

Submarines moved west 1 hex.

Allied ships moved 2 hexes east.

Turn 5. 

German submarines moved 1 hex west.

Allied ships moved 2 hexes east.  Destroyer turned to port.

Turn 6.

German torpedo attack.  German player checked the submarine and it was a dummy.

The submarine was replaced and no attack was actually made.


British destroyer moved 5 hexes, including one turn to the east.

A depth charge attack was made against one of the enemy submarine tokens.

5 dice @ 1 hex.  1,1,4,5,6 = 4 hits.

4 hits = armour of submarine, so 1 point of hull damage.

Submarine hull points = 1.  Submarine was real and was therefore sunk.


Battle ended.


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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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