A little community service

Some months ago I offerred the use of my 4×4 vehicle to the local NHS hospital group for emergency transport.

I did this partly because I owe my life to the people in this hospital.

Last week I repeated the offer and was sent a form to complete and return with proof of insurance and a driving livence.

These  I returned around 1 pm today.

At around 6 pm I got my first call-out.  Unfortunately, arriving without ID (and incidentally without fuel or wallet) I had to return home and then re-present  myself as a competent human.

Strangely by the time I returned (having incidentally in the meantime towed an AA van out of the snow) nobody was interested in ID, leaving it to patient discretion.

I took one patient home and returned to the hospital, after picking up a walker who was heading for the rail station having abandoned his car about 10 miles away.

The centre of Basingstoke was like an ice rink.  I would not have wished to attempt it in anything less than our multi-functional 4×4.  I did some neat pirhouettes in the Shogun!

My final trip was to overload my car with NHS staff who were of necessity booked into a local hotel.

I expect to be summoned again at afound 06:30 this morning to fetch outlying NHS staff andtransport them to work.

Signing off at 00:40 (about 3 hours after my normal bedtime.


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2 thoughts on “A little community service”

  1. Good for you! When I retired, I sold my 4 x 4 and bought a Toyota Prius. Very economical … but on days like we have recently had, I have really missed my old car. I could have certainly used it yesterday to help people out who were stuck trying to drive up the ungritted road outside my house.

    Keep up the good work!

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