Purging our stuff

We have spent much of Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s Day purging our DVD collection.  One of us was being completely ruthless, while the other was a tad more sentimental.  I finally disposed of, amongst other old films, the Telly Savalas comedy film “Battle of the Bulge”!  (Incidentally my spell-checker just changed that to “Bilge”, and I totally agree with it.)

Nonetheless we have about 150 DVDs to donate to the local charity shop, which only leaves us with 6-700 discs/disks on the shelves, and, as I have just been informed, about 100 Stargate DVDs stashed away in a drawer.

This follows the massive pre-christmas book-covering and purging session, leaving us only about 1,000-1,200 now neatly covered books on the bookshelves.

But the entire rear end of our living room that is not occupied by a temporary tree is now organised and categorised.

For how long…