A review of 2018 from my blog.

2018 review


I was recovering from a prostate cancer operation and moving into the new man-cave, and was plodding through a game of the Battle of Brighton, September 1940.

I also started work on game tokens for Memoir ‘44 games, using 19mm plastic bases and 3mm models.


I worked on the forces for my fourth battle of the whole of World War Two, on 4th September 1939. The game has still not been played.

I also playtested Black Powder rules in preparation for the Donald Featherstone memorial game of Chancellorsville.


Apparently nothing happened in March.


I started a new play by e-mail campaign of Operation Market Garden. As a precursor to the main campaign XXX Corps began the advance towards Valkenswaard.


The campaign continued with two engagements on the tabletop.

A US parachute infantry battalion took out a FlaK position and the british glider-borne recce squadron captured the road bridge at Arnhem.


In June nothing happened. I guess I was reenacting.


Day 1 of the Market Garden campaign was complete, and day 2 dawned. Battles were expected at both Nijmegen and Arnhem bridges. I was experimenting with 3d printing of artillery.


Apparently quite a lot happened. Market Garden pushed on. But…

I prepared for an ACW boardgame, still unplayed.

I worked on radar pylons for Sealion, still unfinished.

4th September 1939 is still waiting to be played.

The 6mm Napoleonic MDF figures have moved on a little.

We did have a good weekend re-enacting in Northumberland, spoilt by an overnight raid on the campsite in which several expensive items were stolen.


We spent a week chilling out at the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials.

I reported on quite a lot of terrain building using Kallistra Hex tiles and Leven Miniatures 6mm railway, and how to make city hexagons.

I actually got to play a wargame in the new city terrain of Arnhem.


I realised that while criticising film directors for accuracy I make far worse errors on my wargame tables.

Planning began for attendance at next year’s Arnhem 75 commemorations.

I got a bit irate about news and politics. In fact comments on the news began to take over the blog.

I did get to fight two more campaign battles around Arnhem.


I played a solo game moving the Market Garden campaign on, and created a naval game which I played with my young friend Ben. I’m 64, he’s 23, but we manage to play wargames with a similar attitude,


XXX Corps got back into the Market Garden action with an attack across the Wilhelmina Canal, during which the bridge at Son was destroyed. Bridging equipment was brought up, but alternative routes were sought.

I started to produce naval game tokens with my 3d printer.

I spent quite a lot of time watching nostalgia movies and prepared for Christmas…

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