the Pedant’s Revolt

From a pedant.

I must give up watching TV quiz shows, because I end up shouting in annoyance at the screen.

Yesterday on “The Chase”:

Question: “During which war was the Special Boat Service created?”

Answer: “WW2” – “Correct”

Actually, wrong.  The Special Boat Section was created in 1940.  The Special Boat Squadron was created in 1977 and the Special Boat Service in 1987, during the Laos-Thailand Border War.

A TV advertisement competition broadcast today required the single word (sic) answer “Windsor Castle”.

And to cap it all I spent over half an hour this morning trying to work out an unsolvable “cross-sum” puzzle on my tablet, wherein the numbers 1-9 must be put into a grid to make 6 correct calculations.  The result required,  and checked with the official answer, included the calculation “1+6/3=2”.

is it just me?

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

5 thoughts on “the Pedant’s Revolt”

  1. My wife enjoys “Jeopardy”, so it’s on every evening. The information these learned, smart people do not know is astounding:
    > An entire Army surrendered there in early 1943, one of the great turning points of WWII. None of the 3 contestants apparently had ever even heard of Stalingrad, and offered no answer.
    > The war during which the Star-Spangled Banner was written. First person’s guess: the Civil War? Second person’s guess: the Mexican War? Third person’s guess: The Revolutionary War? By that time I was ready to throw my drinking glass at the screen..

    It is to weep.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Chris. A long time after your post…
      I have a photo’ somewhere (probably on an obsolete media format) of several reenactment friends from the 44th Foot in 1812 uniform standing in front of the White House and holding up boxes of matches.

      1. Heh heh heh—-good one. And most passers-by probably wondered what the hell was going on.

  2. When Sean Wallace (one of the Chasers) in “The Chase” answered that chocolate is made from soya beans, I started to think he was deliberately giving wrong answers to maintain the suspense.

  3. When a gentleman reaches *ahem* more senior years, Shouting at the Radio is how folk know that you are still alive, and not enjoying that final moment of rest in your comfy chair 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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