More organisation

Recently I have been trying to organise my wargaming clutter.  Today it was the turn of the “Pirates” game which, as yet, remains unplayed.

I spotted this game in a newsagents on my day off from a week long re-enactment performance at Mont Orgueil, Jersey, and snapped it up.  Last March, at the Donald Featherstone memorial weekend dinner, I was able to quadruple my collection in the after-dinner auction run by Henry Hyde in aid of Combat Stress.

Today I organised the collection and added playing the game to my “to do” pile.

The completed ships are in the ice cream box pro tem.   Tokens and small parts are in my favoured plastic playing card boxes.  The original tin now contains rules for the various games, unbuilt ships and several unopened game packs.

Now I need to get another “Really Useful Box” to store the lot.