Fake news?

Stopping at Cherwell Valley Services (M40) today and walking, nay – rushing, from the car park to the facilities I spotted a situation in a corner that, had I not had more pressing issues, I may have investigated further.

In a dark corner a man, prone, on the ground, with a can of drink, being  photographed by a man with a camera, accompanied by a man with a tablet (IT, not medical) and a large shoulder bag.  As I passed the “drunk” stood up, appeared to check “was that all right” and walked away, apparently completely sober.

I had no further time to watch due to the pressing needs of my bladder, but this looked to me very much like a set-up picture for a so-called news documentary.

Of Agriculture, organisation and old times.

Listening to the Archers recently it appears that Britain’s post-Brexit agricultural economy will be based largely on small scale, local artisan produce.

In my opinion this is no bad thing, but national self-sufficiency wherever possible is still highly important in these days of the increased danger of potential cyber-shutdown of Just-in-Time supply systems.


I just spent today driving to Wellingborough to collect some generously donated industrial grade shelving from Chris Kemp (blog at http:// notquitemechanised.wordpress.com)

Although I did not have the opportunity to meet Chris, looking around his wargame store room I can testify that he is one of the most organised gamers that I know.  He is also lucky enough to have enough kit that his models don’t need to swap their identities between battles!  I struggle to find enough of the correct models for any given engagement.

On the other hand, Chris seems to be able to concentrate on one campaign at a time, while I flit about like a flittery, fluttery thing.

My workbench…

A23BD0BD-8CB8-4C8F-9419-BDF8378B107AI used to be almost organised before my collection outgrew the walk-in wardrobe in our spare bedroom (see picture below).  Hence the need for shelving for my shed.



On the way home I took the opportunity to call in at my old office to meet half a dozen former colleagues and chat about old times.  It seems that the old IT supply and planning system that I used and supported for over 25 years, and due to be phased out in 2014 when I took redudancy and early retirement, is still alive and possibly even kicking.

And from there, the familiar old 70 mile, 2 hour drive home that I used to do every day.

All in all, a tiring but interesting day.