Social Media – Who needs it?

Some thoughts about social media.

Several months ago I closed my Twitter account.

A month or so ago I closed my Facebook account.

Have I missed them?

Well, to be honest, yes.

When I see international news items I am tempted to comment, but now I have to think:

  Is it worth an e-mail, and if so, to whom?

  Is it worth a post on my blog?  Normally the answer is “no”.

But on the whole, without Facebook and Twitter my life is uncluttered.

The main annoyance is the BBC repetitive “Tell us what you think”.

I just shout at the TV.

Annoyed with the internet

Today I tried to register a negative report for a vacuum cleaner that I tried to use to clean the car.

The G-tech cleaner refused to pick up grit from the footwell.  I tried to contact G-tech.  I tried to leave feedback on G-tech’s website.  I tried to use a generic review site.

After several attempts and two password resets I made it to my WordPress blog.  Finally managing to  reset my password to include an expletive directed at WordPress I am able to post this review.

“The G-tech multi is a good machine for stairs, skirtings and other household tasks.  It lacks the power to pick up grit from car footwells”

Finally done- can I go back to cleaning my car now?