Health update – cancer surgery

Today I went for my six-week post-operation review.
One hour later than expected I sat with Mr Matthew Perry at the Royal Surrey Hospital.

They had successfully removed my prostate and surrounding lymph nodes at the end of November.  It appears that the size of the cancer in the prostate was larger than expected from earlier tests and scans, and that it had broken through from the prostate.

There is no evidence that it has spread to surrounding areas but it cannot be ruled out.

After a further four weeks I must have another PSA check.
PSA is a bit like carbon-dating. After the prostate ceases functioning, PSA degrades by 50% every few days and by 10 weeks should be down to 0.1.

If it is any higher or if other tests show a continuing growth we may be looking at radiotherapy.

I have to organise another blood test at my local surgery.
I believe the NHS now have more of my blood than I do.

Test results will be presented to me in about 5 weeks time.  So I have another month of fun and relaxation before I know the best or worst that can happen.  Oh joy!

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4 thoughts on “Health update – cancer surgery”

  1. Hi
    No help tom you but I had my prostate removed 6 years ago. Similar circumstances to yours – cancer cells found on the outside (I was the only one not surprised).
    Anyways, my PSA is now 0.008 and I am on a once yearly PSA check..

    I hope all goes as well for you as it has for me.

  2. Have you read ‘Prostate Cancer’ by Prof. Jane Plant?
    A Professor of Geology rather than medicine but has breast cancer herself.

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