A bit of a mish-mash

I am aware that I have not been bloggishly active recently.

So, what have I been doing?  Sadly, because this is all work in progress, no pictures are available as yet.

Firstly, I have been preparing troops and equipment for the forthcoming Battle of Brighton on 18th September 1940 in my “Sealion” PBEM campaign.  This has involved some painting of new GHQ model tanks and Adler infantry and support weapons.  I have several terrain hexagons to create for this battle, and have just received the British reinforcement schedule which may well involve more buying, painting and basing.  Incidentally. I have decided to sell off lots of my old 6mm stuff.  Watch e-bay for this.

Secondly, I have reached the 4th day, and the 4th battle, of my “The whole war WW2” game (after only 18 months from starting!).  It is a slow process, and hampered by the above “Sealion” project.  I have the troops and the terrain.  I need the time.

Thirdly. I am assembling six counter-based top-down representations of armies from the early medieval era for a campaign based on the TV series “Game of Thrones”. Yesterday I had a revelation about how to make the game tokens, of which more in a future post.