Memoir 44 > Memoir 40.

This is my take on Richard Borg’s boardgame Memoir 44.
The photo does not do justice to the actual game mat from Deep Cut Studios. it is far more green.
The game tiles were made from:
Town. Langton Miniatures 1/1000 scale buildings based on late C18th French buildings.
Forest. BUsch scale N/Z pine trees, cut to scale.
Roads. A mix of B&Q tester pots, pebble Nd terracotta, covered with model railway sand.
Hedges. Green kitchen scourer pads, torn to shape, painted with diluted Basetex Grass Green and sprinkled with dark flock.
Rivers. A mix of various blues and soot tester pots, painted three times with Army Painter dark dip, with Woodland Scenics mixed flock to add the effect of random shrubbery growing beside rivers.

Battle to follow.