A Voyage around my Father. Part 7

As an aside from discovering my father’s service on Vancouver Island, I took the opportunity to visit Fort Rodd.  This fort was constructed in the late 19th century, but is unlike the contemporary forts that I have visited in the UK.

Whereas on the southern coast of England the forts were constructed from a fairly standard pattern and the chalk hills were cut to accomodate the forts, in this case the fort was adapted to accomodate the granite landscape.

I hired an audio guide for my tour of the fort which was most useful – even if the “character” voices were at times unbelievable.  The fort was upgraded at various time from around 1890 to 1950, with various percieved enemies: USA, Russia, Japan, USSR…

Ironically, considering the initial purpose of the fort, when approaching the forward defences my mobile phone automatically swithed to a foreign (USA) network.

A selection of photographs is attached below:

Fort Rodd 060Fort Rodd 059Fort Rodd 058Fort Rodd 057Fort Rodd 056Fort Rodd 053Fort Rodd 052Fort Rodd 051Fort Rodd 050Fort Rodd 46Fort Rodd 45Fort Rodd 44Fort Rodd 43Fort Rodd 42Fort Rodd 41Fort Rodd 40Fort Rodd 39Fort Rodd 38Fort Rodd 36Fort Rodd 37Fort Rodd 35Fort Rodd 32Fort Rodd 34Fort Rodd 31Fort Rodd 30Fort Rodd 29Fort Rodd 28Fort Rodd 27Fort Rodd 26Fort Rodd 25Fort Rodd 24Fort Rodd 23Fort Rodd 21Fort Rodd 22Fort Rodd 20Fort Rodd 19Fort Rodd 18Fort Rodd 17Fort Rodd 16Fort Rodd 15Fort Rodd 14Fort Rodd 13Fort Rodd 12Fort Rodd 11Fort Rodd 10Fort Rodd 09Fort Rodd 07Fort Rodd 06Fort Rodd 05Fort Rodd 04Fort Rodd 03Fort Rodd 02Fort Rodd 01

While visiting this site I picked up some beach souvenirs to match the shells, pebbles and detritus found on our last major transaltantic holiday to Floriida  I thought a selection of Atlantic beach and Pacific beach collections would make a nice reciprocal set. On returning to the hotel I found that by pure accident the most recent souvenirs could be arranged thus:


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