Battle Chess rules updated.

Following the battle reported recently I revised the rules for infantry shooting.  The latest version is here:

Battle Chess 1800

The changes are to reduce the range of infantry fire and to clarify skirmisher fire.

I have always thought that infantry should not have a range of two squares compared to the artillery range of four or five, but I needed to differentiate between firing and close combat.  So the latest version limits the range to one square directly ahead but differentiates between standing firing and charging to contact.  Effectively a column attack may be up to twice as effective as a line or column firing, but must take defensive fire first.

Skirmishers are not allowed to charge to contact but when moving to contact they fire in the same way as standing fire.  Their fire is as effective on morale as that of a close order unit of three times their own strength, but no enemy bases are removed as casualties from their fire.