A voyage around my father – part 2

Arriving in Victoria I checked into the hotel, the Best Western Inner Harbour.  I had chosen this hotel partly because I have a loyalty card with this chain and mainly because it was within a short stroll of Victoria’s harbour and downtown area.

Entering my room I was surprised to find a fully fitted kitchen.

Hotel kitchen 01

This was going to enhance my stay.  I checked out the view from the balcony.

View from balcony 01

Not a very cheery view, until I focussed on this element:

View 01aThings were beginning to look better.  I don’t know how Canadians do their shopping, but I later spotted that the parking limit at this shop was THREE MINUTES maximum!

I then discovered a second balcony with this view:

View from balcony 02

A pleasant little park and between the trees a glimpse of the harbour and the seaplane dock.  The seaplanes proved to be a bit noisy at times, but in general added to the holiday experience.  I was told by the harbour tour guide later that on the day of my arrival flights were suspended for some time due to “Whale on the landing strip”.    That beats every other excuse for delayed transportation that I have heard in the past.

And so, unpacked and settled into my home for the week, I set out to explore the city.

To be continued…



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