German reinforcements for Cuckmere Haven

The latest German reinforcements are battlefield-ready
The latest German reinforcements are battlefield-ready

September 17, 1940, Cuckmere Haven

The first German battalion to land at Cuckmere Haven has successfully taken the British machine gun position in  a pill box on the western cliffs.  However the AA gun emplacement on the eastern cliffs were assaulted but not yet taken.

The second infantry battalion is due to land with artillery support.  This involved preparing some more models.  In the picture above are the new recruits in 3mm/1:600 scale.

In this scale I do not use any flocking.  The hexagon-based gaming table is painted with Basetex green (BT19), so I use the same on the troop bases.

Each base has a descriptive label on the underside and four small painted triangles at the rear indicating by colour code: Arm of service, sub-category, battalion number, company number.  So for example the first 105mm howitzer company of the second artillery battalion is indicated by red (artillery), white (field artillery), red (2nd battalion), blue (1st company).






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