Operation Sealion. German shipping

I have found it very difficult to source German naval models for my Operation Sealion campaign.

However, thanks to the book “Invasion of England 1940” by Peter Schenk, I have been able to look at a number of photographs and plans of the equipment designed by the German forces.

I have ordered several models from Second City Games, Heroics & Ros and Irregular Miniatures, but I have also been working on adaptations based on the good old Airfix Pontoon Bridge set, having discovered that the pontoons for 1/72 scale approximate Rhine barges in 1/300 scale. (Is there no end to the versatility of these models? See D Featherstone: Wargaming Airborne Opperations)

And so far I have, awaiting painting, in the photo below, from front to back:
A powered barge with ramps to discharge tanks,
A towed barge for infantry or tanks,
Two towed barges, one shown with ramps for tanks,
An unconverted Airfix pontoon.

They are very basic conversions, using 4 pontoons and one ramp carved up.  I hope that when painted they will give the correct impression.

A selection of basic conversions for German barges
A selection of basic conversions for German barges

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