My next big wargame!

Final uniform detail is being added to one figure in preparation for next week’s wargame.

Scenario: Waterloo 18 June 1815

Figure scale: ca 1800mm, 1:1
Figure ratio: approximately 1:25 (1 gun model = 3 pieces)
Note: some of the models figures to be used, in my opinion, err on the “chunky” side.
This is to be expected with modern models.

Ground scale: not yet determined.
Terrain built by many generations of Belgian farmers.
Basing. Example: The Anglo-Dutch army will be represented by five bases of about 150m x 10m.

The game will be played on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th June at around 8pm each day. A large crowd of spectators is expected.

I think that, whatever rules are used, the result will be a foregone conclusion.